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Yosoo Adjustable Arm Elbow Support Strap Band Wrap Counterforce Brace Good Protector Forearm Guard

Yosoo Adjustable Arm Elbow Support Strap Band Wrap Counterforce Brace Good Protector Forearm Guard

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MUSCLE TISSUE & JOINT PAIN RELIEF: Can be used for tennis elbow. golfer's elbow. computer or mouse elbow. rower's elbow. fishing elbow. lateral epicondylitis. pool or billiard elbow. Can also be used as an armband that could result in elbow hyperextension bursitis such as crossfit.bodybuilding. weightlifting. basketball.  football. hockey.bicycle. or racquetball etc. HIGHEST QUALITY & EXTRA DURABLE: Our tennis elb brace is manufactured using the latest technology to guarantee a superior durability. Its build and designed to last using premium quality neoprene and nylon. The stick strap won´t wear out and it will continue to adhere keeping the brace firm and stable even after many uses. The compression pad will assure a comfortable and focal targeted pressure to the muscle or joint for a major elbow support and pain relief. VERSATILE & EASY TO USE: One size fits most and can be used on the left or right forearm fitting both left and right forearms up to 14 inch. Fits almost all size or money back. Can complement or replace elbow compression sleeves. Works great for women and men thanks to the adjustable strap. The brace contains One stick straps that will literally stick anywhere on the brace. maximizing its adjustability and ease-of-use. It can complement or replace copper elbow compression sleeves. BOOST RECOVERY & PERFORMANCE: Yosoo´s tennis elbow brace with pressure pads makes this possible by allowing a better circulation and concentrating adequate pressure to the affected injured areas once is properly placed. Thanks to our unique design you´ll boost your recovery up and enhance your performance. You´ll have more manageable grip strength that is excellent for any forearm movements at home.  work or practising any sport.

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