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Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Oil Pulling Mouthwash

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THE DIRT OIL PULLING MOUTHWASH: As a mouthwash. it freshens your breath by brushing your teeth and using a tongue scraper..ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We use ancient Ayurvedic principles to select our all-natural ingredients. Coconut and sesame oils provide the oil pull experience.Our Fennel Anise flavor has a warm. sweet flavor.EASY TO USE: As a daily cleaner. swish Fennel Annise .Oil Pulling Mouthwash for 1 to 2 minutes after you brush and floss. Three to five times a week. swish a capful of the liquid in your mouth for 20 minutes. then spit it out..MOUTH FRIENDLY: Our Dirt Mouthwash Contains natural properties and also vegan friendly and does not contain any of the following . sugar .gluten etc.SUPPORTS ORAL HEALTH: All ages will love the freshening action of our oil pulling mouthwash. Kids will delight in the fancy bubble gum flavor of the sea buckthorn. and adults will enjoy the minty nature of the oils.

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