Bracelets for Costa Rica

Helping send children in Costa Rica to School

Meet Freddie + Birdie's grandmother, Diane. AKA... Nana.

For the past 10+ years, Nana has been volunteering in a small school in La Libertad, Guanacoste, Costa Rica. She helps teach English, sings songs, plays games, crafts, plays soccer and so much more. For all of these years, she has also helped supply children get the backpacks, school supplies and uniforms needed to attend school.

One day, while Nana was working on her garden she noticed small round, unique palm seeds covering the ground. Curious, she started to collect them. She learned that they were from a Fish Tail Palm tree and from there she began the process of turning the seeds into beads. After numerous failed attempts, she was finally able to do so. Her process includes, collecting, cleaning, sun drying, baking, drilling, sealing and so much more. Each year she makes thousands of beads and bracelets. 

Nana has made and sold hundreds of bracelets with every penny of funds raised going directly to school supplies, which she purchases herself and brings to the school. 


100% of the proceeds will go to supplying children with the tools they need to go to school. 

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Freddie + Birdie